Sterling Silver in ROSE GOLD effect Gin bracelet. Fill with 100ml of gin (you can also put wine, whiskey, vodka, tequila, a martini, ooh! a margarita!! Whatever you desire!) and you can day drink anytime you like!! Wear while having a 4 hr zoom meeting or picking up LEGO, preparing MORE snacks, baking bread, on hold with Centrelink.... Comes in a satin 'Decadence' pouch. Postage gets cheaper the more you buy AND see below for a DVD/Gin bracelet deal so you can drink gin while I entertain your kids on the tv for 40minutes! 

Gin Bracelet - Rose Gold

    • Rinse out before use.
    • Use a funnel to fill up or hold over a bowl so nothing goes to waste. Although after a few times it gets easier to free pour...
    • Use good quality booze because LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

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